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Hello everyone today I come up with the most interesting topic i.e. Mobile phone facts. In this article, I will cover the top 10 mobile phone facts that will shock your mind. After reading these facts and figures you might think what is this? how is this possible? So let’s get started without wasting time


  1. According to gunnies book of world record if we talk about worlds toughest phone it is Sonim XP 3300 Force. This is the only phone that handles its 84th drop.


  1. A survey is conducted of all teenagers and it has been found that 50% of teenagers use their smartphone for the gaming purpose and 30% use it for the social networking.


  1. You might get shocked after reading this. in Mexico, the drug mafia is kidnapping the software and hardware engineers to build theirs on the mobile network.


  1. IN 2011, a teenager of Norway has been stuck around wolf in the jungle there is no way to escape. To escape from where he plays a song name Megadeath a pure metal song and after hearing that song all wolf ran away. Means Smartphone saved someone life.


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  1. The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak having is the first phone number of 8888888888. Isn’t really amazing but it was not worth for him because at that time kids play with the mobile phones dial 8888888888 by mistake. According to this, he receives more than 100 blank calls per day.


  1. 112 the emergency international number. In simple words, we can say you can call on this number from anywhere in the world for the emergency situation and they will contact you to your local securities. The most interesting thing about this you don’t even need a sim to call on this number.


  1. You might think why you are not allowed to use the smartphone in the Airplane here is the reason. When you are using the smartphone in the airplane it will not cause any disturbance in the equipment and payloads of Airplane. This guideline is made by FCC because when you call someone your signal may bounce through many network towers. This cause the problem for the people who are not flying.


  1. In 1983 the first mobile phone went to sale in U.S. and it cost around the $4000.


  1. In Japan, 90% of smartphones are waterproof because youngsters tend to use during shower.


  1. In Malaysia, it legal to divorce your partner through text message.

So these are the top technology mobile phone facts. I hope you find some interesting information from this article. if you have any doubt let me know in comment section.


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